Last updated: 26th October 2023

We recognise the importance of making technology accessible to all users, regardless of their abilities. We are committed to ensuring that our website is a platform that everyone can access and use seamlessly. To achieve this goal, our website has been built specifically to adhere to AAA accessibility guidelines. More information can be found at here. Our commitment to accessibility is reflected in several specific enhancements we've implemented:

Subtitle Tracks for Videos

We provide subtitle tracks for all videos on our platform, ensuring that the content is comprehensible to users with hearing impairments.

Alt Tags for Images

We use descriptive alt tags for non-aesthetic images, making it possible for screen readers to convey the content and purpose of images to users who cannot see them.

Semantic HTML Markup

Our website utilises semantically correct HTML markup, including header, main, footer, section, and proper heading structure (h1, h2, h3, h4), to facilitate effective navigation for screen-reader users.

Tab Index Implementation

Correct tab index implementation enhances non-mouse/keyboard interactions, making it easier for users who rely on keyboards or assistive technologies to navigate our site.

Aria Notations

We employ ARIA notations to accurately describe content elements such as navigation items, forms, and tabular data, ensuring a comprehensive understanding for assistive technology users.

Focus Indicators

Clear focus aesthetics and functionality have been incorporated to visually indicate the user's current position via keyboard navigation. Sub-menus and hidden navigations are appropriately marked with ARIA tags.

Skip to Content Functionality

We have implemented a "Skip to Content" feature on every page to streamline navigation for screen reader users, allowing them to bypass repetitive navigation elements.

Colour Contrast

Our background-colour versus text ratios meet or exceed AAA standards, ensuring legibility and clarity for users with vision impairments.

Motor Skills Considerations

Font sizes, interactive elements like buttons, and whitespace have been designed with motor-related skills in mind, prioritising ease of use.

Zoom-Friendly Design

Our website remains fully functional and content-rich when resized up to 200%, accommodating users who rely on magnification.

Minimal Animations

Animations are used sparingly and adhere to browser controls to enable users to disable them, preventing unnecessary distractions.Furthermore, in our commitment to sustainability, we have taken steps to reduce our carbon footprint. We've minimised imagery usage and opted for vector graphics throughout the site to keep file sizes small and page load times minimal. By combining accessibility and sustainability principles, we aim to provide an inclusive and sustainable online experience for all visitors to FuturePlus.