Diversity and Inclusion Statement

Last updated: 4th September 2023 

At The Sustainability Group, we are committed to establishing an inclusive work environment that champions diversity. We firmly believe that companies that are diverse, do better. Above all, we want to foster a space where individuals from all backgrounds feel respected and included. As a start-up we know we have more work to do to advance diversity and inclusion as we grow, however, we’re putting the foundations in place now. 

Diversity and inclusion (D&I) is the product of holistic strategies that complement and enrich existing governance structures. With this in mind, here are some of the steps we’re personally taking to embed D&I as a pillar of our business:

Attracting diverse talent: We actively seek diverse talent from all backgrounds and experiences. We recognise that diversity drives innovation, fosters creativity, and enhances our ability to address the complex challenges of sustainability. 

Inclusive and ethical recruitment: We are committed to providing equal opportunities for all. Where possible, our recruitment processes are designed to be inclusive and ethical, ensuring that every candidate is evaluated fairly and without bias. 

Creating an inclusive work environment: Our policies and procedures are geared towards fostering an inclusive work environment where every team member feels valued, respected, and heard. 

Communicating our values: We are open and transparent about our company values and how they apply to Diversity and Inclusion. We believe that this transparency builds trust and understanding within our organisation and with our clients. 

Reviewing D&I efforts: We are committed to assessing and reviewing our diversity and inclusion efforts in line with employee feedback to identify areas where we can improve and grow. 

We also recognise that our D&I journey is ongoing and that there are continual improvements to be made. In the coming year, we are excited to delve into our supply chain and explore how we can influence ethical decision-making. This will include actively looking to promote and support D&I when selecting suppliers. 

If you’re interested in learning more about our initiatives, as well as our future aspirations, please don’t hesitate to reach out. We’re always eager to engage in meaningful discussions: [email protected]