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Welcome to FuturePeople!

We believe that sustainability should permeate an organisation's operations from the inside out, starting with its people. People sustainability drives and sustains an organisation's growth, building sustainability into business performance. 

What is ‘People Sustainability’? 

Working with our partner, CHX Performance, FuturePlus defines people sustainability as the state in which employees feel they have the resources needed to meet the demands of both work and life. The ability to restore these resources now and into the future is also key. These resources are metabolic, cognitive and emotional.

Culture, Humanity, Excellence

Both FuturePlus and CHX share a vision of a world full of higher performing, more engaged, kinder organisations, with leadership and management teams able to create pro-social, highly engaged environments that enable their people to achieve all their career aspirations whilst staying and feeling well.
You can read more about this vision, and the links between employee performance, biology and mental health here, or listen to our podcast on People Sustainability, accessible here

People Sustainability Module

CHX has created a short training module demonstrating how people sustainability provides a coherent thread through the modern people agenda: performance, engagement, inclusion, equity, psychological safety, and more.

To find out more, take a look at the clip below. 

To access the full module and get in touch with CHX, please complete the form below.