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For over 30 years we have aimed to make life easier for kitchens across the country by constantly searching the foodie-world for fresh ideas and new ways to reinvigorate our customers’ menus.

From bespoke coated chicken products, skilled hand butchery to food concepts, we make sure that we meet the challenges set by our customers. Our investment in technology and the team mean that we’re ahead of the game and able to react quickly to large bespoke new product development projects. These investments also guarantees the quality, consistency and integrity of our products is exceptional.

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The FuturePlus Actual score represents the positive impact of an organisation at the fixed time it completes or updates its assessment. It is a measurement of current achievements across the five key themes of Environment, Climate, Diversity and Inclusion, Economic, and Social impact.

Powered by data and guided by human expertise, FuturePlus is a future-focused sustainability management and reporting platform that gives companies and investors of all sizes the ability to understand, measure, manage, improve and report on their sustainability and social impact.