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Ridne Food Consortium

The "Ridne" consortium was created already during the full-scale war in Ukraine.

The "Ridne" consortium was created to consolidate food and agricultural enterprises in order to implement humanitarian aid programs more effectively. Ridne’s main principles are quality, efficiency, flexibility, and the use of Ukranian-made products. The philosophy of the consortium is not only to provide citizens with food products. We have created new workplaces. We have united so as to continue strengthening the food front and offer the necessary resources to Ukrainians who have suffered from RF's aggression. In this matter, our foreign partners' help plays a vital role.

We work on the principle of win-win cooperation because our achievements and experience are the merits of every member. For international partners, we represent a unique group of food and agricultural enterprises. Modernisation of manufacturing facilities and the attraction of new financial opportunities help us move forward.

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