Becoming an ever more sustainable company is a constant journey. For us, it requires taking a broader look at sustainability and social impact. We truly believe that acting as a responsible business – one which is fully committed to positive social and environmental impact – will result in us becoming more resilient and adaptable.

We believe that every company can, and should, play its part in the creation of a more just, equitable and sustainable world.

Sustainability is a practice that evolves within a company. It is a sense of responsibility that requires taking a look at all its business practices through the lens of sustainability and social impact.

It is an awareness of the employees, products, services and supply chain that are interconnected throughout a company’s business model. It is an acknowledgement of something bigger than a company’s four walls – a greater good.

We believe that when we approach sustainability as an ongoing process, there is room for continued environmental, social and financial benefit. And that acting as a responsible business – one which is fully committed to positive social and environmental impact – will result in more resilient and adaptable organisations.

Our promise to our clients, the public and the world at large is to be honest and transparent in our current sustainability standing, to share our learnings and report on our progress so others can learn by example, and most importantly, to always stay committed to our ambition for a more just, sustainable future.

We at FuturePlus are:

“So what are we doing to create positive social and environmental impact?”

Like many other businesses, we know we’re not perfect. In striving to help other organisations become better versions of themselves, it’s also hugely important to us that we make continual improvements within our own operations, and truly live our values. We’ve carried out our own FuturePlus assessment, put in place a sustainability roadmap for the changes and improvements we want to make going forward, and measured and offset our greenhouse gas emissions.

We’ve gone through our own FuturePlus assessment and our current scores are detailed below. Like any other business that goes through the FuturePlus process, we aim to continually improve our sustainability credentials and set ourselves new targets and ambitions to achieve.

FuturePlus helps empower any organisation on this planet to transform the future of their sustainable business practices through a revolutionary self-management platform. Find out more information on how you can use FuturePlus for yourself here.

We’ve measured and offset our carbon emissions across Scope 1, 2 and 3 with Earthly. This year we have moved into our new office space, expanded the team, and developed a SaaS-based platform, so our carbon footprint is higher than we had hoped, but we have put the right policies and practices in place to make sure we reduce our emissions.

These include our Supplier Code of Conduct, a Business Travel and Commuting Policy, and we continue to research and implement new low carbon ideas. This means that for the past year of operations, we are now carbon positive, effectively absorbing more carbon as a business than we emitted.

Total CO2 22.51t infographic

In proactively mitigating our emissions, we’ve chosen projects that have community at their heart, are positive for people, have succession plans built-in to ensure they are around in the future, and that consider the biodiversity of the ecosystems they’re in.

These include the following:

We’re committed to reducing our carbon footprint across every part of our business and making gains wherever possible. Through our payment provider, Stripe, we are also actively investing in decarbonising technologies. 1% of ALL FuturePlus subscription revenue is invested in decarbonisation projects.

We also believe in transparency and balance. Using our own FuturePlus tool we can continue to share our dynamic FuturePlus sustainability score across social, diversity and inclusion, economic, climate and environment.

Through FuturePlus we have our actions and roadmap to complete over the next 3 years.

Our office runs off 100% renewable energy. We are also a paperless business, with all of our communications being made either by phone, email or whatsapp. Even our business cards are virtual!
We look to travel on public transport where possible, and if travelling by car is required for business activities in the city we aim to use electric vehicles.

We will update this page as we hit our targets and make progress on our own sustainability journey. We truly believe that every business can be better, including our own. So watch this space!

Some of our commitments for the next 6 months include:

  • Putting in place a climate change mitigation and adaptation strategy

  • Screening and monitoring our major suppliers for compliance with labour rights and standards

  • Ensuring that our business has comprehensive health and safety policies and procedures that conform to the highest industry standards

  • Implementing a waste reduction strategy across our operational sites

  • Creating clear and effective policies to prevent and penalise discrimination, harassment and bullying within our supply chain