Cornerstone Healthcare

Posted on November 15th 2023
Case Studies

Cornerstone Healthcare is a specialist care provider for vulnerable people who present with challenging behaviours associated with complex neurodegenerative and mental health needs. They recognise the profound interconnections between human health and the health of our planet. By embedding sustainable practices in their operations, they are not only reducing their environmental footprint, but also enhancing the well-being of current and future generations.

Since joining FuturePlus, Cornerstone Healthcare has already made some excellent progress. Not only have they redesigned their Diversity and Inclusion policies to ensure the transparent promotion of equity among their workforce, but they have also looked to tackle noise pollution issues related to their operations.

Jens Kleyenstuber, Finance Director at Cornerstone Healthcare, said:

“FuturePlus supports us in the creation and consolidation of our sustainability, social impact programmes and ESG Framework through their consultancy services and we benefit from FuturePlus assessments to develop and deliver on our existing strategies. Cornerstone Healthcare has also been awarded the “FuturePlus IMPACT CERTIFIED” badge, which demonstrates our commitment and that we are part of the FuturePlus community.”