E07: Inspiring Inclusion with the England and Wales Cricket Board

By Paul
Posted on March 6th 2024
Diversity & Inclusion Social

In a very special episode of the Business of Sustainability podcast, we celebrate International Women’s Day, by highlighting the excellent work being done by the England and Wales Cricket Board to inspire inclusion.

Alex Smith, Co-Founder of FuturePlus and Polly Milne, Project Director at FuturePlus are joined by Tessa Whieldon, Head of Female Participation and Growth at the England and Wales Cricket Board.

This episode discusses the ECB’s strategies and policies, which aim to make cricket the most inclusive sport in the country.

FuturePlus has been working with The England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB) to pilot a programme to understand the collective impact of the ECB and its key suppliers and stakeholders across these areas. Its long-term ambition is to be able to track and monitor its broader impact using the same metrics as all of its suppliers, no matter their size, sector or geography.

By communicating joint rather than individual sustainability and social impact using standardised metrics, the ECB will be able to demonstrate to its passionate supporter base the power of collaboration as an impact-driven, future-thinking group of companies.

For more information on the ECB.