E08: Embedding Sustainability during the Ukraine Conflict with The Ridne Consortium

By Paul
Posted on March 13th 2024
Environment Social Economic

On a very special episode FuturePlus Co-Founders, Alex Smith and Mike Penrose, introduce and discuss one of the most inspiring stories to come from the ongoing conflict in the Ukraine.

Sergii Kovalchuk, Founder of the Ridne Consortium kindly joined Alex and Mike remotely from Ukraine to share his and the group's story.

The Ridne Consortium is a group which brings together food and agricultural enterprises in order to develop humanitarian aid programs throughout Ukraine more effectively.

While tackling the countless challenges conflict brings to humanitarian aid, the Ridne Consortium places sustainability as a priority.

We hope you find Sergii’s story and work as inspiring as us.

To find out more about the Ridne Consortium.