Posted on November 1st 2023
Case Studies

BLOCKHEAD supports a generation of ambitious pioneers living in the modern world through its functional chewing gum, which provides convenient, quick and enjoyable delivery of efficacious functional ingredients. It’s vision is to provide a solution to help people get the most of out any situation, every day, by offering an efficient and friendly way of improving health and wellness.

BLOCKHEAD has been using the FuturePlus platform since December 2022 to measure, track and improve its sustainability impact across Climate, Environment, Economic, Diversity and Inclusion, and Social impact themes.

Jess Pritchard, Head of Commercial Operations & Finance at BLOCKHEAD, said:

“At BLOCKHEAD, sustainability is something that our team cares deeply about and we have always made business decisions with sustainability issues in mind.

We believe that all businesses have an obligation to operate as sustainably as possible, and doing so is a prerequisite for engaging with the modern consumer. However, until FuturePlus, we had not formalised a clear sustainability strategy with clear long-term goals and measurement criteria. Our business is still relatively small but growing extremely quickly, and it can be difficult to prioritise and understand sustainability issues in such a fast-paced environment. This is why we see FuturePlus as such a valuable partner for BLOCKHEAD.

“The FuturePlus team have worked closely with us to really get to know our business and help us understand where we can make the most practical and impactful changes in the short, medium, and long term. One of the key reasons we chose to work with FuturePlus over other alternatives, is that their process is one of continual improvement and evolution rather than a requirement to reach certain goals to be accredited. We know that our sustainability impact and responsibilities will be ever evolving as our business continues to grow and we are excited to have the expertise of the FuturePlus team to guide us throughout.”