KVIK Management Services

Posted on November 15th 2023
Case Studies

KVIK provides professional management services, empowering organisations to embed long-term value and create lasting impact. They closely work with sister companies Heckfield Park Farm, Spring Restaurant, Wildsmith Skincare, and Highfield Park Management. These companies are all leaders in the field of sustainability in their own right, with initiatives ranging from zero waste services, supply chain management, innovative packaging, and social impact training programmes.

By utilising the FuturePlus Portfolio Dashboard function, the KVIK group were able to not only measure and manage the impact of all individual companies but also seamlessly share best practice, establishing a centralised repository of knowledge and fostering a culture of continuous improvement. The platform also facilitated a gap analysis of current performance and sustainability ambitions, allowing for effective planning and prioritisation of group-wide ambitions that could be shared and delegated among individual companies. This ensured alignment and coordinated efforts towards common sustainability objectives.

Since implementing FuturePlus, all sister companies have made significant strides in their sustainability initiatives. Regular team meetings supported by the platform’s group client advisor serve as a forum for discussing progress and determining the next steps. This ongoing collaboration keeps the group on track and enables continual improvement.