Our Latest Report with Relative Insight, EU approves new ‘ecodesign’ rules and Hoar Cross Hall champions plastic-free initiatives

Posted on April 26th 2024
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Guest Expectations and Sustainability

Our latest report in partnership with Relative Insight explores 'Can sustainable practice boost the hospitality experience?

The study is based on 130,000 hotels worldwide and reported that at least 6.2% were certified with some form of sustainability certification scheme.

Indeed, social, economic, and environmental sustainability concerns have created demand across numerous industries for products and services that can work towards such sustainable goals.

Do sustainable practices, however, influence guest perceptions, satisfaction and decision-making in the hospitality industry?

We wanted to study the relationship between guest reviews and sustainability within the hospitality industry in order to understand:

  • How do guests incorporate sustainability into their hotel experience - determining the value they attribute to this?

  • What do guests value in their experience and draw insights into how sustainability can enrich certain customer touchpoints?

📩 Download the full report here.

Youth Sport Trust join forces with SailGP’s Impact League

FuturePlus member, Youth Sport Trust, has announced an exciting new partnership with international sailing competition SailGP, joining forces to bring the SailGP’s Impact League to sport in schools across the UK.

The Impact League tracks the positive actions that the global league’s ten national teams make to reduce their overall carbon footprint and accelerate inclusivity in sailing.

Through the collaboration, SailGP, Youth Sport Trust and Emirates Great Britain SailGP Team have launched the ‘Youth Sport Trust and SailGP Impact League Schools Award’.

The award will recognise schools, School Games Organisers, Active Partnerships, National Governing Bodies of Sport, and National Disability Sports Organisations who contribute to developing a better planet by embracing sustainable school sport and the School Games Eco-Friendly value.

“It’s incredibly exciting to bring the innovative concept of the Impact League into school sport. We know we all have a responsibility to reduce our impact on the planet and school sport can be a great context to educate and inspire future generations. Alongside our Youth Sport Trust Young Changemakers, we are passionate about environmental sustainability. We look forward to seeing how schools and our partners embrace the challenge of building more conscious participants and competitors and we’re keen to see how this new collaboration with SailGP will evolve and deepen in future.” - Youth Sport Trust Chief Executive Ali Oliver MBE.

EU approves new ‘ecodesign’ rules

This week the European Parliament approved new rules which will make products sold in the EU more reusable, repairable, upgradeable, and recyclable.

It includes the introduction of digital ‘product passports’ which contain information on performance, traceability and compliance requirements, with the data will be accessible to consumers via a public web portal.

It will also prohibit the destruction of unsold clothing, clothing accessories and footwear, two years after the law comes into force.

London Marathon breaks its fundraising record for first time in five years

This year’s London Marathon is set to reach a new world record for the biggest one-day fundraising event and beat the last record set by the pre-pandemic 2019 edition, showcasing the part the event is playing in social impact.

The 2024 event has raised £67m so far, beating the 2019 high of £66.4m.

The mental health charity Samaritans, which is the London Marathon’s official charity for 2024, has raised more than £980,000 from the event so far. Samaritans has already received donations from 675 fundraisers and more than 20,000 donors.

“The 2024 TCS London Marathon broke many records over the weekend and this fantastic news from Enthuse and JustGiving means that we have already broken our own world record  as the world’s biggest one-day annual fundraising event. That is a wonderful achievement and huge thanks to every single person involved.”- Hugh Brasher, event director for the London Marathon.

Hoar Cross Hall champions plastic-free initiatives

Award-winning spa hotel and FuturePlus member, Hoar Cross Hall, was in the news this week as the team celebrated Earth Day.

Hoar Cross Hall has been championing initiatives that will eliminate single-use plastics and is proudly a zero-landfill property thanks to their partnership with The Waste Specialist and their combined sustainability initiatives, such as only supplying plastic-free in-room toiletries, including refillable shower gels, offering filtered water in place of bottled mineral water, and no longer providing single-use cups: schemes which have been in place since 2020.

”With Hoar Cross Hall nestled in the heart of the beautiful Staffordshire countryside, it should come as no surprise that all of the team members have a passion for preserving the environment and sustainable practices.” - Phil Murphy, Managing Director at Hoar Cross Hall.

Hoar Cross Hall is in the top 5% of all companies using the FuturePlus platform.

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