Ten 10

Posted on November 15th 2023
Case Studies

Ten10 is one of the leading independent Quality Engineering, Software Testing, RPA and DevOps consultancies in the UK and USA. They help their clients to better measure the emerging quality of their technology delivery, enabling them to embrace business and technology change and gain a competitive advantage. Ten10 prides itself on its provision of innovative solutions that ensure that its clients receive the best service and support to drive quality technology. In addition, the award-winning Ten10 Academy programme is developing the next generation of technology talent for their customers.

Ten10 is proud to already have strong diversity and inclusion policies and initiatives that promote and enhance career opportunities in technology for underrepresented groups in the sector. They were also supporting some fantastic charitable causes but wanted to use FuturePlus to carry out a more rounded assessment of their environmental and social footprint.

Ten10 has made fantastic progress with their sustainability ambitions using the FuturePlus platform, taking huge strides forward in improving their sustainability credentials. They have been able to use their FuturePlus roadmap, report and scores to communicate their actions to their board and investors.

Juliet Smith, Head of Commercial, Compliance & Sustainability at Ten10 Group, said:

"As the appointed ESG champion for Ten10, I have found the FuturePlus tool refreshingly easy to use, giving us the tools we need to implement our own roadmap, together with timeframes, of how we can make social and environmental impacts in an effective way. Together with the unfaltering support and guidance from the FuturePlus team of experts, whose knowledge and expertise, plus responsiveness and commitment to what they are doing, is really helping us on this important journey.”