Two Magnolias

Posted on November 15th 2023
Case Studies

Two Magnolias is a UK-based venture capital fund investing in British-based businesses solving the world’s most pressing problems in sustainability and human health. Its motto is to use the power of its money as a tool for change.

Two Magnolias is using the FuturePlus Portfolio Manager platform to monitor and track its portfolio companies' sustainability goals and achievements.

Jessica Rasmussen, Co-Founder and CEO at Two Magnolias, said:

“Two Magnolias have a clear focus on maintaining a balanced portfolio of founders, earlier this year, Two Magnolias decided that FuturePlus would formally become its in-house ESG validation platform with all portfolio companies working through the assessment criteria, such that we can formally publish a holistic view of our investments. FuturePlus allows its clients to highlight the gaps in their approach to sustainability whilst setting clear ambitions for future success. It is essential for all of us to be held accountable as to how we manage and position our businesses, and we are excited to see the changes we’re able to effect using FuturePlus.”