Unveiling our FuturePlus Impact Certified QR Codes

By Paul
Posted on March 14th 2024

In our commitment to supporting members to communicate with simplicity and transparency, FuturePlus is excited to introduce the IMPACT CERTIFIED QR Code. More than just a stamp, it's a simple way for businesses to share their commitment to sustainability.

Why the Buzz About FuturePlus QR Codes?

In a world where everything is a scan away, QR codes offer an easy, no-nonsense way for clients, partners, and consumers to connect with your sustainability efforts. It's about keeping things simple and getting people involved.

Place the QR code on your sales materials, business cards, or packaging. Anyone interested can scan and get instant access to your sustainability journey without fuss.

Flexible Integration

Link your QR code directly to your Sustainability ScoreBlock, FuturePlus report, or a dedicated sustainability page. Keep it versatile to give stakeholders a solid overview of your efforts.

How to Get Your QR Code

It’s simple. If you're already part of the FuturePlus family, contact your advisor or email [email protected].

If you have yet to start your FuturePlus journey and would like to know more about how to understand, manage, measure, improve, and confidently communicate your sustainability, you can book a demo here or email us at [email protected].

Once you've completed your initial assessment you can receive your unique code, and pop it on everything – making your sustainability story easily accessible.

Seizing the Transparency Opportunity

Now's your chance to let your sustainability ambition do the talking. The FuturePlus QR code is all about straightforward communication. In a world where actions speak louder than words, the Impact Certified QR code from FuturePlus is your tool for demonstrating your commitment. Get yours today, and let your sustainability story be heard loud and clear.

Implementing Sustainable Business Practices

Setting realistic goals and implementing sustainable business practices can be challenging. Whether you’re feeling the pressure to address your impact, struggling to understand ESG regulations and standards, or don’t have the time or budget to make a start, FuturePlus is the solution for you.

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