Vala Capital

Posted on November 15th 2023
Case Studies

Vala Capital is an entrepreneur-led investment advisory business that backs start-ups and early-stage companies supporting the founders of progressive, purpose-led ventures.

Vala provides early-stage finance to companies that have the potential to achieve scale quickly, investing in various industries, they have a special interest in funding innovation that could make a big difference to sustainability challenges.

FuturePlus works closely with Vala Capital and its portfolio companies, conducting due diligence on potential investees, measuring the sustainable development of their investments through the deployment of the FuturePlus platform, advising the Sustainability Board and collaborating on the organisation’s ESG strategy.

Incorporating FuturePlus into the internal reporting processes, Vala believes they can effectively measure and monitor the sustainability of their portfolio companies to share consistent reporting metrics that provide value to all parties.

Vala has taken an approach focused on goal-setting and measurement to help incentivise behavioural change and drive action within their portfolio companies, helping them address the sustainability challenges they face while encouraging them to take ownership of their social and environmental impacts.