E03: Becoming a Sustainable Startup with BLOCKHEAD

Posted on August 31st 2023

In our latest episode, Alex Smith and Mike Penrose from FuturePlus are joined by Danny Lowe, founder of startup BLOCKHEAD and Jess Pritchard, BLOCKHEAD's Head of Commercial Operations & Finance.

They explore what it means to be a 'functional chewing gum', the company's story and vision including the business’ commitments to inclusivity, creativity and integrity as well as the challenges that face startups when it comes to sustainability.

This podcast series is created by FuturePlus in partnership with City AM.

FuturePlus is a sustainability and ESG management and reporting platform that makes managing social and environmental impact accessible, affordable, achievable and trackable for every business, not just the 1%.

FuturePlus qualifies a company’s sustainability achievements before quantifying and translating them into a realistic and trackable action plan.

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