E04: Adding Diversity, Equality & Inclusion to Business' Talent Acquisition Strategies

Posted on October 4th 2023

In the latest episode of the Business of Sustainability, Alex Smith and Mike Penrose are joined by CandidateX Co-Founders Man Wong and Sunil Dial to discuss the importance of adding Diversity, Equality & Inclusion to business' talent acquisition strategies.

This podcast series is created by FuturePlus in partnership with City AM.

CandidateX is the first talent platform with a DEI (diversity, equity & inclusion) core focus for employers and candidates. To find out more:

FuturePlus is a sustainability and ESG management, improvement and reporting platform that makes managing social and environmental impact accessible, affordable, achievable and trackable for every business, not just the 1%.

It helps you understand where you are, where you want to be and mostly importantly helps you get there.

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