E02: Sustainability & Hospitality with L+R Hotels

Posted on July 26th 2023

In our latest episode, we’ll be exploring the current sustainability challenges facing the hospitality industry, how the industry might look in the future and what innovations are being created in business. Alex Smith and Mike Penrose are joined by Tristin Swales, L+R Hotels' Asset Management Director and Operations Director, Francisco Macedo. L+R Hotels, owns and manages an extensive hotel portfolio with over 23,000 bedrooms across the UK, Europe, the US and the Caribbean.

The Business of Sustainability podcast from FuturePlus is the latest show in partnership with City AM, which will be discussing the latest trends, challenges, and advancements in the sustainability and ESG landscape.

Co-hosted by Alex Smith and Mike Penrose, the founders of FuturePlus, the sustainability and ESG management and reporting platform that can help any size and type of business improve its sustainability.

This podcast series is for anyone looking for valuable insights on sustainability in business. We’ll be hearing from a range of experts in the ESG and sustainability sectors including investors, innovators, and regulators.

Each episode looks to provide you with expert analysis and opinions on the future of sustainability in business, including some of the challenges facing all of us.

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